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To be on task is to be ready and make my guest/customers satisfied and served. It is also to be respectful and loyal to everyone.

I should be chosen than other applicants because I will do my best to be active and helpful to my customers. I will always be loyal at all times!

I would politely listen to them, and if not possible, I will politely say stop and will give them music3 warnings.Then if they continue to not listen I will get a HR.

I will apologize and re-do their order as fast as possible and always check. I will always be sure to give them the right orders.

Being a hard worker will show the customers that it is important, being always respectful, and how much I appreciate having this job.

My goal to being a trainee is my interest to help out. It is really important to keep your customers happy at all times.

Hello, Welcome to Soro's Italian restaurant! My name is Cody :) , your waiter How many people in the party and where would you like to sit? Upstairs, downstairs, or bar?